Protein Interactions Calculator (PIC) is a server which recognizes various kinds of interactions; such as disulphide bonds, hydrophobic interactions, ionic interactions, hydrogen bonds, aromatic- aromatic interactions, aromatic-sulphur interactions and cation - π interactions within a protein or between proteins in a complex. It also determines the accessible surface area as well as the distance of a residue from the surface of the protein. The input should be in the Protein data bank(.pdb) format. Interactions are calculated based on empirical or semi-empirical set of rules.

                                              i. Heteroatoms are not included for the analysis.
                                              ii. For NMR structure only the first model is considered.

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K. G. Tina, R. Bhadra and N. Srinivasan, PIC: Protein Interactions Calculator, Nucleic Acids Research, 2007, Vol. 35, Web Server issue W473–W476. Download  PDF

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